5 Tips to Select the Best Table Runner for Your Home

When it comes to using runners for dining table there are no rules which are set in stone- they are just guidelines. Think of table runners as an anchor that will pull the whole set up of your dinette together in a way that will look cohesive. Use our tips and trick to know why, when and how these runners can work for you.

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Why- Why you would need a runner, you might think. But a table runner can add a lot of texture, color, pattern and design to your overall setting which is the foundation of your table. Not just beauty benefits but they also act as a protective layer and protect your surface from spills and stains.

Which- On which occasion can they be used comes next. Although they are practical for everyday use you can also enhance your events and special occasions with their refined touch. It lends your tablescape an appeal in dramatic and subtle ways depending on the color combination and shades that u choose. You can also create festive feel during a holiday and festive feel during the festivals.

What- What kind of a runner is the best fit for your table? Well, certain fabrics are associated with specific mood and occasions. If you want to use for casual use natural fabrics like twill, bamboo and cotton work well.

How- How to choose the right fit? Table runners come in standard width from 10 to 15 inches and standard length from 36 to 108 inches. The width should be approximately 1/3 the width of your table. They should be allowed for 6 inches to hang. Bring home these designer table runners and make your dinner table look aesthetic.


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