Designer Shower Curtains Give Bath Space a Luxurious Look

There have been many changes that have taken place in society for the past one decade. With widening of the career options that have broaden  from strict engineering and being doctor to  diverse streams like commerce, fashion an interior designing, students no longer need to train abroad, government  and private institutions have launched appropriate faculty, exposure programs and promising career job opportunity through tie-ups, so there is balanced manpower and resource in country in all field.


Desirable changes in the market to give bath interiors a revolutionary look are highlighted in the following points.


The boring out dated look of plastic made curtains is replaced and now market has shifted gears to cotton fabric linens. The cotton fabrics give a graceful look with voluminous texture and graceful formation of pleats. The opaque look lets the brand experiment with look and hence inks the prints on both sides to engage a striking look to bathroom curtain.

Prints & colors

Available in a number of designing option, the drapes are printed in the most enticing set of patterns. The solid color drapes are perfect for those who prefer a classy and harmonized look to the space and do not want too much of experimentation take place in the space. The adorable pink, red and blue would make for absence of patterns. The adorable floral are a star attraction in bath interiors that are all colored in shades of white, creams and greys.

But if you are the one who look forward to create a funky and spirited sparkling look to the interiors then, you may buy shower curtain from online portal at Swayam as the digital prints would create an almost real impression of autumn scene in the bath room interiors.


Own Designer Diwan and Create Royal Aura Like in Mughal Era

It’s that every day that you decorate your home or plan to give them a complete makeover. Changes are adopted only when one feels the current style is either too old fashioned or has lost sheen over a period of time.

diwan bed sheets online

It is quite difficult to track what the fashion enthusiasts aspire for but some of the clear benchmarks that any interior ensemble must stand for its irresistible designing. At Swayam, you would definitely find that perfect blend in its latest collection of designer cotton diwan sets. Each piece of the ensemble is worth its value with its eloquent features.

Irresistible designing

Unlike the low flooring Persian sofa from which the royal furniture has derived its inspiration and have blended wonderfully with the traditional setup of the Indian homes. It has blended to an extent that makes it look as a creation of the nation.

The linens from Swayam would make you feel like a queen or a king with its royal and grand look. The depth of the linen would give height to diwan structure. The soothing textures would cover the royal diwan and present an alluring look to the interiors with their refreshing choice of patterns and colors.

Creating an opulent look to the sitting arrangement occupying least amount of space creates a grand aura to the interiors. The matching sheet, cushion and bolster covers would arrest the sight of the onlookers with their charming adorn.


The cotton fabrics which are grown in the natural surroundings add a level of comfort to the sitters. Their smooth textures and skin friendly experience serve an enriching feel to those who relax in its ease. Strength, durability and ease seek optimum level of comfort to the linens.

Live an Elegant Lifestyle Under The Utmost Comfort of Duvet

Have a peaceful sleep you always wanted to have after hectic working schedule. Experience the comfort by bringing a duvet from the house of swayam. It is going to take you in the world of magnificence. Buy duvet online India from swayam and welcome a sophisticated and elegant duvet online IndiaHigh premium quality is used to build up this warmer piece of bedding and this is filled with soft and silken stuff. It has an additional protective fabric layer therefore there is no oozing out of filling which leads to a clean crisp surface. The fabric dyed perfectly and is 100% color fast in nature. The maintenance is also very easy as you can give a machine wash. It is available in a variety of shades and patter in a splash of color.

We provide single and double sizes with a different look in terms of design and color. The duvets are light weighted and are also very warm and have a smooth surface. It possesses loop tie ups at the edges to keep the filler from moving and rolling which further avoids shifting of the duvet cover. You are going to find it with a liza finish which prevents pilling and helps to keep the warmer comforter in a good condition.

You can experiment it with contrasting bed sheets and with a solid color bed sheet as the duvet best suited with a bed sheet. Not just the look but the comfort and relax that is surely going to impart its best features. Buy duvet cover online from the house of swayam and make your bedding to look lively and full of warmth while sleeping. No shrinkage after a wash. You are going to find two different sizes like single and double that you can choose according to your requirements. Hence feel refreshing and energetic while relaxing on it.

Know the Important Feature of Readymade Curtains

The market is flooded with a lot of fabrics but the best living room curtains are available at the online portal of swayam. It keeps your home protected, they upgrade the decoration of the home interior. You will find a wide range of designs and color on the website of swayamindia and a variety of colors which definitely going to stand on your requirements. Everyone is familiar with the trends of drapes but what actual feature showcase the entire look is a little tricky. Hence you must know something while buying readymade curtains online India from the house of swayam.

curtains online shopping India

  1. You are going to find a seamless fall as it has balance weight which makes them to fall seamlessly. You will find excellent quality texture which will look even better with fabulous prints employed on it.

  1. Filtration surely prevents the dust from entering inside. It has a charm that the dust particles do not get trapped and restrain warm air from entering home. This insulate from intense weather conditions.

  1. The quality fabric offers a great freshness and maintains a cool and soothing ambience in the surroundings. It allows free circulation of air and does not create a hot and humid atmosphere inside the bedroom.

  1. The durability is infused properly which offers the same look even after years of use. Also the natural colors on fabric have a great impact.

If you really want to take these advantages, buy curtains through online shopping in India from swayam and give an innovative appearance to your living space. Experience a fresh and calm ambience in your bedroom. Choose from the wide range as it is available in a wide range of sizes and design. Hence give your home an interior look.

Splash Colors into Interiors through Mix & Match Bed Linens

As time flies fast so does the fashion change with a click of fingers? Be it in the world of glamour or the in the home décor sectors, the designing and use of colors have gone through a significant transformations. The colored backdrops have replaced the white linens and patterns are embossed to give a stylish twist to the double bed furniture.

Mix-match bed-sheets

Recently some gradual changes are manifest to create an experimental look. These experimental looks are based on works of concept designing. The concepts include the theme of contrast or mix and match. While the contrast envoy the use of bright prints on subtle backdrops to create a visually striking appearance to the setup, the mix and match theme involves the gorgeous patterns are emboss in twin or multi-color linens. The twin color belongs to similar color background but is different in its tonal quality.The concepts are designed with precisionthat they would seam and blend with any theme décor ofthe room interiors.

Bring home colorful bedsheets from the online portal of Swayam and present you’re a bedroom a stylish makeover. The bedding collection comprising of bedsheet, cushions, pillows and comforters are influx with the concept of mix and match.

The branded bed sheet is color in twin shades. A double set of patterns are emboss on the linens which are further given a twist of style with use of two color hues at backdrop and specifically at the hemlines.

The collection is a pure combination of tradition and modernity as they include both ethnic patterns like floral, paisley, buti, motifs and as well new age animal prints, stripes, geometric, fern and pin tuck floral. While ethnic patterns exude liveliness to the decor, the modern print assures class and elegance. Grab your own pair of mix and match linens from Swayam color of life collection at 20 % percent.

Add an Accent to the Ambience with Solid Curtains

Splash of color is going to add four moons in the décor. Yes, we are talking about solid curtains that are going to enhance beauty of the entire décor. The elegant look emerges flawless look. Solid color curtains give a special treatment to the window. The drape is going to create an aura like a five star hotel. We all know that color soothes our eyes and make it twinkling with enchanting colors.

solid curtains online

Each color defines something and makes you create an awe- inspiring moment. It symbolizes ideas of decoration; it makes you think to create some different themes according to different moods. Shades create mood, hence according to the mood you can theme the ambience of the living space.

Window is the centre of attraction for the onlookers and brings a great visual appearance once it gets dress up with colorful curtains. Rejuvenate your spirit and fill positive vibe by keeping yourself energetic all the time. The lively and graceful look add a supreme elegancy in the space. Create a Zen- like space and feel the lively ambience. Refresh your mood with its sophisticated look and get an ultimate quite environment to relax.

It is made with premium graded cotton and is pre tested for colorful bleeding. The unique feature is going to allow proper light filtration. Embrace the window and doors of the home with lovely solid curtains. These readymade eyelet curtains save your time and energy both. Hence, cherish the absolute offering made just for you. Choose the best collection from the house of swayam and expand the outlook of the windows and doors.

Make Wardrobe Look Fashionable Placing Trendy Shopping Bags

Remember the days when your mother used to go to markets for shopping, carrying loosely clad plastic bags that did not just poison the ingredients of the bag but also dent the persona of an individual who carry them. As they are diminutive in size they actually fail to serve the function of a shopping bag. Additionally, the poor designing and faded colours also hamper with the look of the product. As plastics are discarded and are not viable for recycling; they are pure wastage and harmful from environment point of view. So buy eco-friendly shopping bags online from house of swayam.


But with heighten awareness and upsurge of lifestyle changes one could witness a stark change in the preference and choice of products the public in general wants to invest in. They aspire to own products that are functional, environment friendly and stylish in nature.

With Swayam feel assured as the products are made of high quality fabrics and with use of modern high technology machines they are given a finished look.

The design would have a lasting impression as they are ink with the help of high modern printing machine. The use of innovative patterns like floral, stripes, artistic sketches of faces of glamour girls, captivating scenic beauty of Venice, impeccable combination of text and graphics would make one feel extremely proud to own and confident to flaunt on street. Feel like show stopper as they are so stylish that you carry them to any place and for any occasion.

Apart from style, its high functional quality and comfort would make it a favorite product to own. Its customized size and spacious compartment would let you stuff all your essential document, makeup and accessory carefully. Made of cotton fabrics the jute shopping bags are both environment friendly and comfortably to use.