Complement Contemporary Living with Modern Bedding

This festival fill creative and uniqueness in your space with the collection of caramel bed sheets .Go for color burst pattern which comes in lively colors and with a great visual effect. Gleaming with the brilliance of striking colors, it is going to bestow your bedding with a spectacular glow. You will feel great cheerful vibes around the surroundings.

cotton bed sheet set

Modern bedding sets will bring joy and happiness in your home. It will get widely appreciated for their excellent texture as well as their colorful modern design which will brighten up your home with elegance. Hence, for putting more weight on your happiness, decorate your home with caramel collection bed sheets. We all know very well that bed is the most important place in our home; it is the masterpiece and a center of attraction. Especially for the guest, it is very essential to cover the bed with attractive colored sheets.

There is an incredible and unique design that is going to entice every onlooker. It will express the modernity and beauty which is so attractive that you can’t take eyes off them.  Apart from look and style the main advantage of bringing these bed sheets to your home is that it is made with premium grade of cotton. You will feel the true smoothness and will never feel skin irritation which will not make you suffer from the allergy. Avail cotton bed sheet set from Swayam as the product is quality checked before delivery to ensure the complete satisfaction of the customer.

You will not face any trouble while washing these bed sheets as they are colorfast in nature. It can endure a rough wash in machine without any damage or fade of color. Hence bring a sense of relief and experience a soothing and sound sleep.


Decorate Interiors by Stylish Cotton Curtains to Enhance Décor

An essential interior that every homemaker must own and decorate their homes with are curtains. Once they are installed, the drapes have power to instantly transform the appearance of the place where you deploy them. They present a grand look with their spacious appearance and create an opulent vibe in its grace fall and smart pleats. Often inserted to window, door arches and wall arches, they help to illuminate every corner and inch of the room that enhances the beauty of the space and as well spruce the mood of the onlookers.

curtain online India

The pair of the drape that you search thoroughly in the market is blessed with similar level of comfort, durability and quality. The element that sets the drapes different and unique from the other is the combination of patterns and colors.

The curtain online India at Swayam presents its customers a collection of drapes that promises to give your space a lively and refreshing, classy and stylish twist to the room with theme based prints.

Sigma prints

The patterns are straight away from the sources of nature whether it is floral, shapes, folk art, new age texts or graphics that gives a lively and natural look to the architecture of your rooms. Print on lighter backdrop, drapes presents a contemporary and lavish vibe to the interiors.

Digital prints

Based on the concept of themes, it incorporates patterns and colors which draw near to a real life situations or depictions printed in often animated or actual manner. The autumn, marine, scenery, city and jungle life are best reflected through digital impressions.

Solid curtains

If your rooms are all plush with comprising of enticing wall colors, artifacts and high end furniture, then bring home plain solid color drapes. They can be used reversely as the absence of prints make curtain look identical from both the sides. The light tones spread a classy, elegant and harmonized vibe to the interiors.

Shimmery drapes

Intricate patterns in shimmery flair inked on intense shades present a high class formal and sophisticated look.

Buy cotton curtain online India from Swayam at 20 percent off sale offer.

Style Soft & Lofty Pillows with Attractive New Arrival Pillow Covers

So all these past five years you have decorated your pillows in those boring white, cream and ivory covers that are just adorned on the bed to satisfy the sleeper about linen protection that means to perform their primary duty of protecting the linen from physical damages and ensuring durability, then you definitely need to break your shackles and browse SwayamIndia website to witness the transformation in design, styling, and appearance of linens that are a trendsetter in the world of interiors and home decoration.

pillow covers

The home décor housing establishment provides you an opportunity to perk up the look of your idle laying pillows in new arrival collection of pillow covers online India at swayamIndia. The beautifying décor items are printed in attractive text and graffiti patterns.

Loaded with an inenarrable set of text, quotes and graphic, these covers would instantly add a dose of charm and liveliness to look of the linen. Phrases like ‘let’s go to sleep, I got a feeling tonight’s gonna be a good night’, I like my coffee black & mornings bright’ would help you create a perfect inviting ambiance to plunge your head on the pillow. The use of colorful, playful and creative font’s help you add a dramatic look to covers.  The moon, calligraphic art, embossed eyelashes add a touch of artistic appearance.

Buy pillow covers online at to add colors to linen and your life. As we spend a majority of our time in bedrooms, if we invoke lively and energetic colors like red, yellow, green, blues in our surrounding it would instantly cheer up our mood and make us feel happy, energetic and lively the whole day.

The impressive patterns create a modern look to your interior. The lively and natural shades would instantly lift the spirits of entire bedroom.  The collection is made even more affordable to own since attractive 20 percent sale offer would relish a great opportunity to style your comforting pillows in stylish covers.

Modern Bedding Set Brings an Elegant Touch

Caramel collection is ideal choice for every home décor for any occasion. The co-ordination between the colors, designs and pattern imparts a new look with a touch of modernity. Each and every detail is carefully printed to attain a flawless look.

buy bed sheets online

Experiment with contrasting styles and create entirely a new place in your bedroom where you can create a multiple experience. These modern bedding sets are not for ordinary or common days since you may use them for any occasion such as in festivals, house party, and function and so on. Apart from using these at your home, gift it to your guests and in your friend circle. They will be obliged to you and would like to praise you a lot.

Enjoy the soothing aura by taking yourself to the world of luxury and comfort. Recreate the beauty in your bedroom with caramel collection and make your bed a place of dream. Apart from astonishing beauty and comfort, it would totally change your standard of living in front of your guests and friends.

Convert your home into a paradise by filling the essence of caramel collection in your home décor. This collection is different from other as it would make the décor trendy and according to the modern era.

Feel the intense magic around you and create a serene and calm ambience in the bedroom. These collections are coordinated with modern design and the premium quality of fabric which would trap the heat that gives an incredible feeling. These cotton bed sheets are skin-friendly and do not cause any allergies.

Keep your home in luxury surroundings. You will notice a stunning change in your bedroom as well as in your sleeping habit. You can easily find these adorable collections online from swayam and bring home a spectrum of joy and happiness.

Cushion Covers Put Contrasting Impact on the Décor.

buy cushion covers online

Cushion covers bring an instant change to the overall interior if selected properly. If you want to give a nice appeal to the home interior, then follow these unique tricks:

Throw contrasting cushions on the sofas– never try to throw matching cushions on the sofas. Contrasting cushion covers give an excellent visual appearance. So, always try to add cushions which contrast well with sofas. Buy cushion covers online India from swayam and add a new piece of artwork to the entire space.

Select the color– The most important step is to select the color, if selected carefully, it will help to create a stylish and melodious look. Selecting cushion covers based on the colors that already exist in the living room will complement the entire décor.

Deciding no. of cushions on the sofas- Try to arrange cushions on the interior decoration. Before you purchase the cushions, you should try to buy according to the size of the sofas. If the sofa is 3 seaters, then you may go to arrange with 5 cushions.

How to arrange cushions on sofas– Maximize the effect of the sofas by displaying cushions on it.  Coordinate all the cushions well so that it doesn’t mess up with each other and leave the visible impact comprehensively. Try to surround your sofas with vibrant colored cushions.

Fabrics– Go for a fabric which has longer durability and give the same glace even after the year of use. So, you should prefer the fabric like the premium grade cotton. Therefore, you may opt for cotton cushion covers which you will get from the house of Swayam.

Apart from enhancing the beauty cushion covers gives a comfort and ensure a soft texture that soothes your tired nerves when you rest on them. Avail cushion covers online from swayam and add a splash of style to the living space.


Bring Home Diwan Sets for Creating High Visual Appeal

Diwan set covers are no less than the handicraft which exhibits the wonder of rajputana work of art. The entire design which you will find on diwan set is artistically designed whether the design is of motif, paisley, Aztec and so on are designed to perfection. The beauty of such art work spread on diwan sheets, bolster covers, cushion covers etc. will surely make everyone to feel mesmerized.  Buy diwan sets online from swayam and showcase the taste of royalty with regal outlook. The bright and lively colors of the diwan set will boost the overall charm of the atmosphere.

diwansetsDiwan is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the era of kings and queens. This is the reason that diwan sets are the representative of imperialism. If you want to follow this royal attitude, then bring diwan sets from the house of swayam which is something to explore.

After dressing up your diwan with these artful collections, you will surely feel yourself on cloud nine. The unique royal look will create an impression about your home in the minds of the visitors and determine your living standard too. Apart from royal look, these diwan sets have a soft and smooth texture. Moreover they are strong and durable as it is made up of premium grade cotton. You will feel the same texture of prints and qualities even after a year of use. Choose from a wide range of designs, colors and prints to give your home a perfect appearance.

Feel the pleasure by having diwan bed sheets as from color to prints and from texture to designs will give an ode to perfection. The high visual appeal will add special essence to the diwan set. Perfect for daily use and for a grand occasion.

Reflect the Grace of Windows with Solid Curtains

Solid curtains are different from other curtains as it has the exceptional quality which will enhance any kind of windows even if the bedroom interiors are designed or not. These curtains offer both style and functionality when it comes to maintaining the privacy while highlighting your doors and windows.

buy solid curtains online india

The special qualities of the solid curtains are that it will dim the amount of light entering your bedroom and will create a great ambience throughout the day. If you are a day sleeper, these curtains would be the perfect choice for you.

If you are big fond of movies, these curtains will create a perfect setting for you where you can relax and watch your favorite show in comfort. The murky ambience created by these curtains will not strain your eyes even when you watch T.V. during the daytime. Buy solid curtains from Swayam and bring in a pleasant atmosphere in your living space.

Plain curtains with charming color such as purple, red, yellow etc. definitely speak about the purity and classy lifestyle.  It has a great power to control the light and for sure gives an awesome sensation. More than that, they will keep your nerves calm and casual. Curtains are being found in many fabrics but the best one is the premium grade of cotton as it is more durable and smooth to touch compared to other fabric. It has a balanced weight which makes the curtains fall more seamlessly.

Buy plain curtains online from and make your home perfect for living. If you want to design your home in a luxury way, these solid curtains will be an ideal choice for your bedroom.  The standard and adjustable size will give a sense of height to the window. It will bring a jovial appearance in your bedroom which will be highly appreciated by your friends and guests. These curtains will surely an upgrade to the decoration of your home interior. It has a charm not only to embrace the window and door but the entire home.