Reflect the Grace of Windows with Solid Curtains

Solid curtains are different from other curtains as it has the exceptional quality which will enhance any kind of windows even if the bedroom interiors are designed or not. These curtains offer both style and functionality when it comes to maintaining the privacy while highlighting your doors and windows.

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The special qualities of the solid curtains are that it will dim the amount of light entering your bedroom and will create a great ambience throughout the day. If you are a day sleeper, these curtains would be the perfect choice for you.

If you are big fond of movies, these curtains will create a perfect setting for you where you can relax and watch your favorite show in comfort. The murky ambience created by these curtains will not strain your eyes even when you watch T.V. during the daytime. Buy solid curtains from Swayam and bring in a pleasant atmosphere in your living space.

Plain curtains with charming color such as purple, red, yellow etc. definitely speak about the purity and classy lifestyle.  It has a great power to control the light and for sure gives an awesome sensation. More than that, they will keep your nerves calm and casual. Curtains are being found in many fabrics but the best one is the premium grade of cotton as it is more durable and smooth to touch compared to other fabric. It has a balanced weight which makes the curtains fall more seamlessly.

Buy plain curtains online from and make your home perfect for living. If you want to design your home in a luxury way, these solid curtains will be an ideal choice for your bedroom.  The standard and adjustable size will give a sense of height to the window. It will bring a jovial appearance in your bedroom which will be highly appreciated by your friends and guests. These curtains will surely an upgrade to the decoration of your home interior. It has a charm not only to embrace the window and door but the entire home.

Medley of Designer Dinner Runner to Style Your Table

Gone are the days when you would embellish your home in sole white table covers which were embellished with gold embroideries weaved on corners. In this time of ever splurging demands and exploration in the trend of home interiors, you have never ending options to decorate and style your dinner table in the most exotic collections of designer covers, runners, mats and napkins, just like the ones you see in fancy restaurants and five-star hotels.


You can instantly give your dining room a luxurious touch of an elaborate restaurant by using stylish dining table runners. They are available in varied sizes, shapes and styles to suit your décor and desires. The styles are diverse in appearance that would present a refreshing and eye-pleasing feel to every dining experience. There are a number of styles in which these table runners are designs, some of which are:-

Floral print – Delicately embossed rose, lilies; lotus, blossom, vines, maple leaves and ferns present a classy and subtle vibe to your dinner table. They are printed on vivacious colored backdrop which adds dose of life to your table.

Zebra print – Gives a casual and fun look to your table with zebra striped zig zag runner. The classic black and white combination would be a visual retreat to your eye as contrast theme attracts the attention in a matter of a glance.

Ethnic motifs – Bold motif patterns insertions on enchanting shades of orange, red, yellow and brown give a regal and elegant look. The rectangle shape gives an impression of spacious look. The short drop creates a stylish and unique pleasant feel to the table.

Solid plain runners – Plain runners inked in colored backdrops in replenishing earthy shades endow a serene and sophisticated elegance to your dining room. A pointed shape on the edge makes your runner look different and unique from those available in the market.

The runner is further made beautiful with bold matching hemline borders which give definition and help highlight the beauty of cloth. The table runners online are available online at

Know How Solid Color Cushion Covers Can Change The Look Of The Living Space

If you are willing to enrich the overall look of your living space then give a try with different shades of solid cushion covers .It will give perfection to both kinds of sofas whether it is antique or modern .You can choose any color like bright, soft, vibrant or lively colors.

buy cushion cover onlineHere are the lists you can choose from-

Beige– It will create a calm and relaxing ambience in your living space and is a rich Indian traditional color.  Buy cushion covers online India and create a pleasant ambience in your living space.

Indigo– It will add positive vibes to your living space. This color will bring cool and calm ambience around your surroundings. Indigo is the color which maintains its own character in all its tones.

Green– It will totally surround your space with the essence of nature and healthy living. You will find a kind of freshness which will heal all your pain and problems. The soft and lively shades have a charm to sooth your eyes.

Yellow– The color of happiness will bring always a new hope.  It offers a sense of relief and boosts up your energy level. This color indicates the symbol of welcome.

Coordinate it with designer sofa covers which are going to add an incredible essence in your living space. The overall beauty of the covers will give your family and friends a treat of peace. All the shades of colors which have been discussed above are incorporated in these cotton cushion covers which will give a clean and fresh look to your decor.

So if you want to create an interesting and lively ambience in your living space then place an order from the website of and give a flaunting impression in your living space.

You can also place matching cushion covers with your stunning curtains that will give harmonized look to your living space.

Crafted Cotton Cushion Covers to Grace Your Interiors

Market is flooded in diverse styles, prints, colors, themes of cushions covers, but the quality of this cushion may not be at par with your need or requirements.  Your keen eye may be enough to detect the defect or flaws in the product before you conduct a comfort test. Also the usual urbane prints may now have bored you to your limit that you plan to ditch them all in one go. Replace your overly used bubbled covers with cotton cushion covers from Swayam and see the difference for yourself.

Cusion Covers

The cushion covers are made from high-quality premium graded cotton fabric. They ensure strength to your covers with its high thread count and closely interwoven weaves. The soft texture of cotton makes sure you feel comfortable and fluffy when you embrace it in your strong arms. Your cushion is well protected in cotton fabric covers as its high hypoallergenic feature would guard you against dust and allergies. The firm zips and perfectly stitched edges promise to protect the loftiness of cushion and make sure they last for long. Maintaining these covers is not a problem at all as they are colorfast in nature.

The cushion covers online in India are popular by the name of Swayam. They are crafted under the supervision of experienced artisans who have weaved and stitched them to present you with a fine set of cushion covers. The stylish block printed are immersed in rich Indian shades of reds, greens, blue and yellow to capture the imagination of the customer to present something fresh to their home interiors.

They are so enticing that you won’t feel the need to invest in elaborate decorative items. The royal foil, arabesque, floral, buti and motifs would draw thousands of glances with its beauty. The patchwork in stripes, checks and multi-facet panels present a lively vigor to your sofa set and spruce up the look of your sitting arrangement around your entire home.

Stylish Jute Bag to Complete your Wardrobe

Are you the one who believes in breaking the rules and creating your own fashion statements? Well, there is nothing better than dresses, foot wears and bags for girls to flaunt your unique style sense. So, freshen up your wardrobe and your attire in classy and trendy jute shopping bags.

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The enticing chevrons and wavy zigzag designs are truly head turners which would be a great bag for your college. They are also designed in endearing vintage motifs, floral and pictorial creations in serene green yellow, blue and reds which you can choose to wear with any style of outfit. You would look like a start in any event you attend. The wonderful prints of asymmetric diamonds, pin tuck floral and leave patterns in green and blues would make you feel closer to nature.

The mix of new patterns with subtle shades makes your jute bag look striking in appearance that they can be flaunted in picnics, malls, cafes, and colleges or any other casual space or special events as well. Their simple and elegant stature makes it perfect to carry it to your office without any hesitation. The smooth classy straps give the bag a stylish look.

You can carry all your valuables safely in a single space as these bags have spacious pockets for you to store all your belongings with ease. You can keep every single thing in an organized manner.  The thick fabric of the jute ensures strength to the bag to resist the heavy weight of the things stored in them.  The bags are easy to carry as straps are made with open weaves fabric of jute which reduces the stress on your shoulders and offers a soft feel.

Carry waterproof jute hand bags confidently in monsoons as they are water resistant.Buy jute shopping bags online at and update your style.

Comforting Designer Cushion Cover To Enhance Your Interiors

If you think that cushions are just meant to be decorated your bed, sofa and diwan…well you need to rethink as it can be used in multiple ways. Cushion provides an extra layer of padded comfort that gives ample support to your body whenever you want to take a power nap or relax for a while.

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All the seating furniture in your home can be made to give a comforting sensation with these cotton cushion covers. You can relax all day in the comfort of these cushionsThe cushions can be made to align your back while you are working on your laptop, while reading a newspaper and when you are watching television. It would refresh your body and mood that would keep you in high spirits the whole day.

If you are a side sleeper and seek extra comfort, then bring the nearest cushion close to you under your arms.  Place the cushion under your foot if you feel your leg is hurt or suffering from a sprain. You can also use the cushions on the wooden seats to cushion your bottom. There are a lot of ways you can use these cushions as a means to comfort your body.

Cotton cushion covers add life to your interiors. Their peppy and vivacious appeal not only enhances the look of your bed, sofa or diwan but also lift the spirit of the room in entirety. Be it traditional or contemporary, they would seem well in any décor theme.

The cushion covers are online in India at where you can browse and pick the one that suits your requirement. The solid theme cushions embody plain and soft stripe patterns in lively colors that are so striking that guest won’t stop appreciating your aesthetic style statement. While the printed cushion is inked in exotic digital designs and patchwork. The theme-centric prints create an enchanting vibe to your bed whereas ethnic arabesque foil motifs endure regal splendor.

Curtains that Give A Picture Perfect Look

Enjoy a calm and pleasant ambience in your space by draping your windows with designer curtains. Your bedroom will be surrounded by the blissful essence of nature as you theme your doors and windows with the lively prints of sceneries and landscapes.

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It is different from regular curtains which are simple and give a decent look to your decor. Curtains from Swayam, on the other hand, will give an interesting look to your windows with its patterned design, you can buy these curtains online in India from

These curtains are designed with a perfect balance of colors and prints to create a room with a view. The pleated ruffles on the pair of the curtains give your bedroom a fabulous look.

It is an elegant representation of the external and internal environment of the home. Get these cotton curtains online India and give a fresh and attractive look to your bedroom. It also comes in horizontal and vertical prints with eternal color fusion reflecting simplicity in lifestyle. You can use them in any occasion function or season.

Always try to take the dark shade of curtains to soften and filter the incoming light. It will produce a wonderful shady effect on your interiors and reflect the shadow of the prints on the walls. You will experience a calm and cool ambience in your bedroom which is perfect for summer season.

Curtains always give a perfect picture look to your interiors. It also expands the outlook of your window. Therefore, to showcase your home in a magnificent manner, drape it with eye- catching curtains. The premium quality of curtains falls more luxuriously and will bring a fabulous change in a quick moment. Spread the elegance with these wonderful curtains and bring an enticing change in your décor and your lifestyle.