Curtains that Give A Picture Perfect Look

Enjoy a calm and pleasant ambience in your space by draping your windows with designer curtains. Your bedroom will be surrounded by the blissful essence of nature as you theme your doors and windows with the lively prints of sceneries and landscapes.

cotton curtains online

It is different from regular curtains which are simple and give a decent look to your decor. Curtains from Swayam, on the other hand, will give an interesting look to your windows with its patterned design, you can buy these curtains online in India from

These curtains are designed with a perfect balance of colors and prints to create a room with a view. The pleated ruffles on the pair of the curtains give your bedroom a fabulous look.

It is an elegant representation of the external and internal environment of the home. Get these cotton curtains online India and give a fresh and attractive look to your bedroom. It also comes in horizontal and vertical prints with eternal color fusion reflecting simplicity in lifestyle. You can use them in any occasion function or season.

Always try to take the dark shade of curtains to soften and filter the incoming light. It will produce a wonderful shady effect on your interiors and reflect the shadow of the prints on the walls. You will experience a calm and cool ambience in your bedroom which is perfect for summer season.

Curtains always give a perfect picture look to your interiors. It also expands the outlook of your window. Therefore, to showcase your home in a magnificent manner, drape it with eye- catching curtains. The premium quality of curtains falls more luxuriously and will bring a fabulous change in a quick moment. Spread the elegance with these wonderful curtains and bring an enticing change in your décor and your lifestyle.

Funky Drapes For Your Kids Room

There is nothing in the world more amazing than the animated world of animals, fairies, airplanes and aqua life for a kid. Dress your kid’s room in the best of funky drapes available at

swayam kid's curtains

The curtains are inked in the most delectable mix of prints and lively colors combinations. You as well as your kids will be fascinated by the creative animation and vibrant colors. The fairytale stories would be so much easier to relate and narrate it to your princess at bedtime. The jungle theme would also be an excellent choice as it would bring their imagination to life. Aqua life inspired prints makes for an attractive look that surely makes your kids smile. The curtain in check patterns is printed with objects like airplane, cars, ship, parachutes, fruit basket and all those things that continue to amaze those little ones.

The faux silk further adds a glossy and a luxurious touch to your window and door curtains. The blackout curtains have a 3 layer of weave that protects your child from the intense heat of UV rays. These curtains would also shield them from noise pollution and dust. Your kids will stay inside his/her room under the protection of these beautiful curtains.

Insert the kid’s eyelet curtains in the rods near to the ceiling, so they fall just short of the floor.  This should be done because when kids play, they tend to hide or roll themselves in the clutches of the curtain and as a result, they may fall down and hurt themselves.

These curtains are absolutely no toxic and also prevent any germ or mites to accumulate. Also, the prints on the curtains don’t leave their colors behind hence you can wash them regularly without any risk of color fades. The soft texture ensures the curtain are easy on their sensitive skin, it won’t irritate or cause rashes under any circumstances.

Keep two or three sets prepared in the cupboard, so when one is in laundry, you can insert another. Buy kids curtains online from after choosing the best from a wide range of themes and prints.

Create A Difference With Cushion Covers

Does your living room look dowdy and dull? Then considered the idea of using a cushion covers which will spruce the look of the couch or the sofa.

cushion cover online

Always try to choose covers which can easily pull all the elements of your living room together which will coordinate with your mix and matched the theme of your living space.

It’s not an easy task to find ideal covers, therefore, buy cushion covers online in India from where you can create a lot of home décor ideas.

1-      Always try to avoid cushions covers that match the look your sofa or the couch. Adding cushions to the living room is a great opportunity to fill color and texture. Always try to take a cover which can complement to the sofa and contrast well with the color of your couch.

2-      Select the cushion covers which are purely based on the color and make sure that color of already exists in your living room. This coordination of colors will complement each other, the cushion covers will merge with your home décor and vice versa.

3-      The main and the foremost things is how many cushion covers should be placed on the sofa? The answer is 6. Now you don’t have to think a lot as more than 6 cushions will create a mess and the suggested amount can really make a difference in the look of the sofa.

4-      Online cushion covers are available in India at SwayamIndia and they are made in standard sizes. Any standard size cushion will fit inside these covers and offer a neat and tidy look. If you have bigger or customized cushions, you can get the exact size and shape of cover at

5-      Always try to create a mix and match of colors with your cushions as they offer a vibrant and lively appearance.

It can be a lot of fun browsing at as they offer the perfect collection of a cushion covers which is available at economical prices.

Best Pillow Covers for Beauty and Comfort

Pillows are an essential part of your bed, therefore, it needs to be soft, smooth and should have the looks to match your bedroom décor. They will keep your comfortable through the night and maintain the look of your space. You can alter the look of your pillow with merge with your décor.

pillow cover online in india

Be it the intricate set of floral and leaf patterns on intense shades or bold print in vibrant hues, the pillow covers make for a sight to watch as they have an inviting appearance. The fern leaf patterns on contrast backdrop and diamond print also set a beautiful attraction to your bed linen. Go ethnic with the lively paisley prints on pleasant shades to present a classy look. Complement your pillow cover with the seamless designs and patterns to give a fabulous look to your space.

For a rich and luxurious look, you can dress your beds with royal themes or classy designed pillow covers. Buy pillow cover online at and experience the pleasures of sleep.

The pillow covers are stuffed with premium graded cotton fabric. They are stitched with high-quality yarn to ensure high strength and resist any form of wear and tear. Its light weight airy and breathable material gives you a cool feel and absorbs all the sweat excreted from your body. The soft texture and fine touch will make you feel like resting on the pillow the entire day. Its availability in varied sizes as well customized services will surely satisfy your comfort levels.

These pillow covers are ideal for kids as well as adults as they are soft and skin friendly. Printed with excellent designs they make a perfect addition to your décor. Buy pillow covers online in India from and give that refreshing look to your space.

Summer Trends 2017 for Doors and Windows

Door and windows are the easiest places to decorate but finding the right curtain is no piece of cake. First of all, you have to know the exact dimensions of your doors and windows, the theme of your space, and the design and color you want to display. It’s a ton of work before you can buy your favorite curtains. To help you with this issue, Swayam introduces exclusive summer trends for your doors and windows so you can buy curtains online India while staying in the comfort of your home.

buy curtains online India

Solid Curtains: These solid curtains are ideal for summers as you can drape your window with any color that creates a pleasant atmosphere. They are made from premium grade cotton, therefore, helps to maintain the temperature of your room by allowing free air flow through the fabric. These curtains  also block partial sunlight and bring a feeling of coolness in your home.

Sigma Curtains: These curtains are printed with elaborate designs and distinct geometric patterns which impart a calm and pleasant look. They are designed with a bit of style and creativity to create a soothing ambience inside your room. The polyester fabric used in these curtains help to partially block the sunlight and hot winds.

Blackout Curtains: Ideal during hot sunny days, these curtains are widely demanded their ability to completely block the sunlight. Made from faux silk, they also help in insulating the room. You will feel cool in summers and warm in winters when staying behind them. They are plain in color with a touch of design along the eyelets, enough to give your home a luxury appearance.

Lounge Curtains: Last but not the least, lounge cushion are also demanded for their incredible realistic prints of sceneries, animals, and landscapes. They will provide you a cool sensation inside your room by blocking some of the heat and sunlight.

With this wide range of curtains for summer you can stay away from the heat and bright light. So why wait, get these curtains online by shopping from

4 Colors That Will Make Your Heart Go Swoon over Your Space

Windows in our rooms are not only meant to let the fresh air in, but also to give our space a decorative appeal. They can brighten up the room interiors with natural light as well as with the kind of curtains that you select to adorn them with. A curtain plays a very significant role when it comes to decorating and providing privacy to a room.

swayam offers

Most of the people treat them as an accessory but they can prove to be more beneficial if used properly. Their patterns and prints can give a spectacular appeal to the interiors. Their correct length can make a room look taller or shorter. You will be surprised, how much they influence the ambience of any room.

Bright colored veils are better options for summer as they reflect and transfer the natural sunlight and lend a room a breezy look. To save your precious time and efforts, we have come up with some great ideas and colors of the curtains that can enhance the look of your windows and your living spaces.

1. Bright Orange– The name itself evokes a cheerful feeling and an attractive image in our minds. Although the color itself is vibrant enough to brighten up the room, it provides a lot of natural sunlight. The refreshing color reflects positive and breezy energy in the room.

Cool Blue– Those who get sunlight in abundance, can opt blue for a trendy look. The cool blue spread a serene and calm look inside the room which adds a super chic element and provide the room a stylish appeal.

Chic Pink– If your interiors are drenched in monochromatic look, you can give a hint of some pop color with the shade Pink. Pink will not only give a feminine touch to your room interiors but will also break the monotony of the room.

Printed Pattern– If you are missing that lively ambience in your room, printed curtains can surely help you out. Pick curtains that have vibrant prints in bright hues to match up with your room interiors.

The above colors will surely give your room interiors an elegant appeal. Pick these cheerful colors that will give you and your family members a pleasant abode to stay. You can get amazing designs and patterns at discounted price from ! Swayam offers flat 15% off on all home furnishing products and also gives extra 5% discount with the use of coupon code: SPRING .

Decorate your Dinner Table in the most Innovative Way

If you can`t get enough of the new and amazing pictures on Pinterest these days, you are not alone. After going through hundreds of pictures, I feel completely inspired and motivated to try out my own creative DIYs. There are lots of ways through which you can use your common household items to infuse a new life into your dull or dead interiors. And when it comes to embellishing your dining space, it is better to make use of runners and tablecloths to dress up your dinette.

table runner

If you want to make your table appear little bit more luxe for the upcoming birthday party or holiday gathering, you can fulfill your desire by adding metallic overlay or lace work to your tablecloth. Even if you are inviting a big group over lunch or dinner, this trick can surely help your family get into a festive mood.

Layered look is something, which has become frenzy from past few months. You can create a layered look by choosing one tablecloth and then placing a runner on top. A wide table runner in contrasting shade or pattern can create a buzz in your interiors.

You can also use two dining table runners instead of single. Use a wide table runner and then place another runner which is narrower than the previous one. This will create a stacked-up look on the table. You can further accentuate it by placing candle stand and other dinnerware on them making your table the center of attention.

You can also experiment with the colors. Shades and bright hues that you have always abstained from can now be brought back into the modern era. Try colors like mustard yellow and brick red as these colors will produce a vibrant atmosphere. You can also place napkins and coasters along with the table runners to complete the look.

This will give your guest a great time by making them comfortable and giving them lot of stuff to rest their eyes on. So have a gala time by embellishing your table with the latest decorative techniques instead of gambling on some of the less-than-attractive ideas.