How to Wash Cushion Covers with Easy Hacks

Cushions can cater to a wide variety of everyday events and allow the household to exercise a unique amount of individuality in their living abode. Cushions and printed cushion covers can be found online come in variety of shades, sizes, materials, so that every individual`s choice can be taken care of.

printed cushion cover online

Most cushions are made of durable fabrics and can endure wear and tear from regular use; still, they need special attention and care. Those homes that have children, dogs and cats will require being cleaned regularly. As they are tend to attract large amount of dust, sweat, hair and various spills, they can look grubby if not given them proper wash.

They can be washed in various ways and it is very important to know the difference as if you wash them in a wrong way, their shine and beauty can be ruined. So washing them the right way is the key to keeping them prim and proper. Follow these tips and retain the lost luster of your favorite cushion covers.

Always check for the tags and see if there are instructions attached to it. If there is not instruction label, then you can take a small corner and test it before putting the whole cover. Make up a paste of your regular detergent and water and rub into the corner of the cover where it will not be noticeable. Wash it off after leaving it for few minutes. You can then check for any discoloration.

If your covers are machine washable, look for the label for wash-setting. If the label is there follow the instructions if it is missing you can wash them on a gentle cycle at a cool temperature. Avoid using bleaching agents as it will further weaken the fibers which will lead to destruction of the fabric. If the cover is covered with dust and oil stains it is better to soak them in mild detergent prior to washing. A cup of vinegar in water or stain remover can be used if stains are not going away.


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