Medley of Designer Dinner Runner to Style Your Table

Gone are the days when you would embellish your home in sole white table covers which were embellished with gold embroideries weaved on corners. In this time of ever splurging demands and exploration in the trend of home interiors, you have never ending options to decorate and style your dinner table in the most exotic collections of designer covers, runners, mats and napkins, just like the ones you see in fancy restaurants and five-star hotels.


You can instantly give your dining room a luxurious touch of an elaborate restaurant by using stylish dining table runners. They are available in varied sizes, shapes and styles to suit your décor and desires. The styles are diverse in appearance that would present a refreshing and eye-pleasing feel to every dining experience. There are a number of styles in which these table runners are designs, some of which are:-

Floral print – Delicately embossed rose, lilies; lotus, blossom, vines, maple leaves and ferns present a classy and subtle vibe to your dinner table. They are printed on vivacious colored backdrop which adds dose of life to your table.

Zebra print – Gives a casual and fun look to your table with zebra striped zig zag runner. The classic black and white combination would be a visual retreat to your eye as contrast theme attracts the attention in a matter of a glance.

Ethnic motifs – Bold motif patterns insertions on enchanting shades of orange, red, yellow and brown give a regal and elegant look. The rectangle shape gives an impression of spacious look. The short drop creates a stylish and unique pleasant feel to the table.

Solid plain runners – Plain runners inked in colored backdrops in replenishing earthy shades endow a serene and sophisticated elegance to your dining room. A pointed shape on the edge makes your runner look different and unique from those available in the market.

The runner is further made beautiful with bold matching hemline borders which give definition and help highlight the beauty of cloth. The table runners online are available online at


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