Funky Drapes For Your Kids Room

There is nothing in the world more amazing than the animated world of animals, fairies, airplanes and aqua life for a kid. Dress your kid’s room in the best of funky drapes available at

swayam kid's curtains

The curtains are inked in the most delectable mix of prints and lively colors combinations. You as well as your kids will be fascinated by the creative animation and vibrant colors. The fairytale stories would be so much easier to relate and narrate it to your princess at bedtime. The jungle theme would also be an excellent choice as it would bring their imagination to life. Aqua life inspired prints makes for an attractive look that surely makes your kids smile. The curtain in check patterns is printed with objects like airplane, cars, ship, parachutes, fruit basket and all those things that continue to amaze those little ones.

The faux silk further adds a glossy and a luxurious touch to your window and door curtains. The blackout curtains have a 3 layer of weave that protects your child from the intense heat of UV rays. These curtains would also shield them from noise pollution and dust. Your kids will stay inside his/her room under the protection of these beautiful curtains.

Insert the kid’s eyelet curtains in the rods near to the ceiling, so they fall just short of the floor.  This should be done because when kids play, they tend to hide or roll themselves in the clutches of the curtain and as a result, they may fall down and hurt themselves.

These curtains are absolutely no toxic and also prevent any germ or mites to accumulate. Also, the prints on the curtains don’t leave their colors behind hence you can wash them regularly without any risk of color fades. The soft texture ensures the curtain are easy on their sensitive skin, it won’t irritate or cause rashes under any circumstances.

Keep two or three sets prepared in the cupboard, so when one is in laundry, you can insert another. Buy kids curtains online from after choosing the best from a wide range of themes and prints.


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