Summer Trends 2017 for Doors and Windows

Door and windows are the easiest places to decorate but finding the right curtain is no piece of cake. First of all, you have to know the exact dimensions of your doors and windows, the theme of your space, and the design and color you want to display. It’s a ton of work before you can buy your favorite curtains. To help you with this issue, Swayam introduces exclusive summer trends for your doors and windows so you can buy curtains online India while staying in the comfort of your home.

buy curtains online India

Solid Curtains: These solid curtains are ideal for summers as you can drape your window with any color that creates a pleasant atmosphere. They are made from premium grade cotton, therefore, helps to maintain the temperature of your room by allowing free air flow through the fabric. These curtains  also block partial sunlight and bring a feeling of coolness in your home.

Sigma Curtains: These curtains are printed with elaborate designs and distinct geometric patterns which impart a calm and pleasant look. They are designed with a bit of style and creativity to create a soothing ambience inside your room. The polyester fabric used in these curtains help to partially block the sunlight and hot winds.

Blackout Curtains: Ideal during hot sunny days, these curtains are widely demanded their ability to completely block the sunlight. Made from faux silk, they also help in insulating the room. You will feel cool in summers and warm in winters when staying behind them. They are plain in color with a touch of design along the eyelets, enough to give your home a luxury appearance.

Lounge Curtains: Last but not the least, lounge cushion are also demanded for their incredible realistic prints of sceneries, animals, and landscapes. They will provide you a cool sensation inside your room by blocking some of the heat and sunlight.

With this wide range of curtains for summer you can stay away from the heat and bright light. So why wait, get these curtains online by shopping from


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