Find the Best Curtain for Your Small Room

Windows out of all offer a perfect spot to help you make your space gain more visual ground as compared to other places. You can literally expand your space visually with window treatments and curtains. By going for flowing fabric over an enlarged open window behind them you can make your room appear spacious.

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To enlarge small windows extend the width and height of the curtains rods as that will enlarge a smaller space. To achieve a more spacious appearance in your small room, mount one of your several curtain styles outside of your window opening to create an illusion of more space. Also always opt for extra wide veils to further increase the visual dimension of your space.

When you blend certain colors with furnishings and area rugs, walls, it blurs the line that divides and creates the space difference. Work and play with shades more on the lighter and brighter tones such as pastel colors, crème or antique white. Fabrics that have small scale prints such a geometric patterns and floral designs can add up to your visual interest in your up-close spaces. Pick horizontal stripes as it is the smartest way to enhance the illusion and it can make the room seem wider.

Try to pick curtain styles with uncomplicated details. Avoid sheer or translucent fabric which gives away the shape of the window, or inside-mounted curtains or those veils that draw attention to a window opening. Experiment with small patterns to enlarge the room. Also never use overhead lights in a small room, as that brings the ceiling down.


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