5 Mistakes That Can Spoil the Look of your Home

Nobody is perfect but perfect homes do exist. People tend to make some mistakes and then after rectifying it they can learn few tips and techniques that can modify the entire look of their room interiors. Chances are that we all tend to do decorating mistakes, but it`s time to stop that cycle.

5 Mistakes That Can Spoil the Look of your Home

Once you are aware of these faux pas then it will be an easy road ahead. So wait not and go through the following list that can help to keep you from doing mistakes.

Too many Pillows

Pillows are meant to add comfort. But going overboard with them can leave you with less space to sit. Try to limit pillows on a sofa to three to four.

Having more than one focal Point

Always try to limit your focal points to one per room as too many variations can look a disintegrated look. Multiple focal points can make a room appear disjointed which do not give eyes one place to focus upon.

Not testing your Paint color

Always test a sample of your wall shades before committing. Shades of paint may vary drastically depending on the amount of light in the room. So always paint a square as a sample and let it dry for at least 24 hours before making a final decision.

Too Many Patterns

Patterns look great but having too many of them can look distracting and confusing to the eye. When you are decorating your home with patterns, try not to overdo them.

Decorating In Haste

A comfortable and inviting room take time, it can`t be decorated in one day. So take the time to decide what you want, do extensive research and do not make rash decisions.

Choose latest design and patterned pillows cover, cushion cover, bed sheets and other home linen to make your home lively and eye soothing.


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