How to Make Small Bedroom Look Fab

We live in an era where space crunch is the problem often faced by the residents who are trying to accommodate themselves in a small apartment. So how to achieve the desired look that we have been gawking at since so many years in the glittering magazines and high end luxury billboards? Well where there is a will, there is a way.


Every single room has a story to tell which means a focal point is essential inside. There should be an eye-catchy spot that can relate and can establish a hierarchy so that you see the full story and not just jumbled words. The head of the bed is the focal point, in general, which you can surely amplify by awe-inspiring designs and artworks by hanging artworks or by creating an arrangement of bold pillows.

Another focal point that screams for attention could be your windows. So in order to avoid the clash between these two wonderful spots, you can place your bed in front of the window so that they fuse cohesively. Another way is to dress one element out of the two, neutrally, so that the other can take the center stage.

You might be tempted to buy biggest bed possible for your nest, but doing this in a small space will give a more cramped feel rather an elegant ambience. So think wisely and choose a bed with small stature. Doing so wont suffocate your room will keep your room more open, making it feel more airy and larger.

You can make it more cozy by adding warmer tones of red, orange, yellow, greens and blue. You can also play with the color wheel by spinning the different patterns to create a cumulative paradise. Do not take a weak approach by following the advices from everyone, as it is your room so it should have a reflection of yours, just yours.

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