Simple DIY Kitchen Decorating Tips to Create Space

Today when more and more people are shifting to the bigger cities to fulfill their professional commitments and career requirements, the space is narrowing down and the crowd is growing more and more. More often than not people are struggling to get spacious rooms and apartments which are quiet difficult in this era of inflation. So why not use DIY creative ideas to create more space in an innovative way that will not only make your place look chic but will also give it a value by increasing their utility.

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Create a light moment by making a memo board in your kitchen and welcome the guests with your “hot today`s menu”. This is a very interesting way to write down your grocery list. You can simply take a piece of fiberboard; prime it before painting it with a layer of chalkboard paint. Place it inside an antique frame to add a dramatic effect.

You can transform a durable vintage crate with an interesting shade or design into a rustic beverage station. Secure a spoon, mug or wine glass holder to the bottom before hanging with the wall. It will help you organize various ketchup bottles and coffee mugs on the go.

Take an unfinished wooden tray and pump up the style with a trendy pattern that you can paint. To create a water based stain you can use sponge as well which will allow wood grains to show themselves.

Give a personal touch to confined spaces into your home that will beam with a glow and warmth of your attention and creativity.

Buy kitchen linen online to give stylish and modern look to your kitchen that must be capable to steals eyes of gusts.



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